Clean Energy Comes With the Risk of Failing to Meet Electricity Demand

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The July 25 letter to the editor “It’s Time to Accelerate Transition to Clean Energy Before it’s Too Late” fails to recognize the consequences of placing energy production with non-reliable sources such as wind and solar.

Today Germany is the prime example, shutting down their coal and nuclear-generated electricity for natural gas, wind and solar. Now natural gas is no longer available, and pipelines from Russia were destroyed. Since wind and solar cannot produce the needed electric to meet normal demand, Germany is importing electricity from France’s nuclear and Norway’s hydroelectric plants.

Also, windmills are very expensive, with a 20-year lifespan requiring billions of dollars in replacement costs. Used windmills cannot be recycled and must be buried.

For the record, oil refineries, coal and gas-powered electric generating plants operate for up to 100 years with proper maintenance.

Patrick Mosman

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