Letter to the Editor: Carmel Residents Need to Know Their Water Supply is in Top Condition

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It has been two years since Carmel approved a bond for our water supply. And I welcome cleaner water coming out of our taps. What I, as a Carmel resident, want to know is how sure is the Town Board that they are solving all our needs?

It took years of complaints before the tuberculation of water districts was investigated in 2017. It has taken years for consultation, financing and action to begin. Ever since the April forum of two years ago, we haven’t been asked what our other water quality needs are.

It must change. I think our community deserves to be asked what we desire in our town water supply. And I think that a Community Needs Assessment is how we should be asked.

I know that I’d like regular cleaning of our entire pipeline. I also think home water tests should be free to any town resident. And our neighbors should be free to inspect our treatment plant’s records.

But these are only my opinions. In truth, until all 34,000 residents of our town can offer their opinions, I don’t believe we’ll enjoy a responsible solution.

James Carmody
Carmel Town Board Candidate

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