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Candidates Run Across Party Lines, Primaries

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With a White Plains Democratic primary on the calendar for September 12, Democratic candidates for Mayor and Common Council are seeking nominations and endorsements of other parties to solidify their chances of making a win come the election in November.

In the White Plains mayoral race, there has been an ongoing battle of words over who is the most progressive candidate. White Plains Mayor Tom Roach’s Campaign Manager Barry Caro called on Councilwoman Milagros Lecuona, Monday, to withdraw from the Democratic Primary after she accepted the mayoral nominations of the Republican and Conservative Parties.

“After circulating Republican and Conservative Party petitions featuring herself and running mates Alan Goldman, Cass Cibelli and Andrew Custodio, Lecuona filed acceptance letters with the Board of Elections late last week,” a statement circulated by Caro said.

While forcing a Democratic primary, both Lecuona and Goldman also signed letters accepting nominations from the Republican and Conservative parties, consenting to be candidates at those party primaries also on September 12.

“In this of all years, no true progressive would choose to run as the candidate of the Republican and Conservative Parties, as Milagros Lecuona has done,” said Caro. “Milagros’ decision makes clear that her campaign has never truly been about our progressive values – which she has now undermined – but is just about her own political ambitions. She must end the absolute farce of trying to run as both a Republican and a Democrat and withdraw from the Democratic primary immediately.”

Monday, July 17 was the deadline to decline a party nomination.

There was no call for candidate for White Plains Common Council Alan Goldman to deny his Republican nomination. Goldman had publicly acknowledged that he recently changed party affiliation from Republican to Democrat so he would have a better chance at a win in November.

Andrew Custodio, Republican, announced his candidacy for the White Plains Council in May and Cass Cibelli, Republican, had announced his intention to run for mayor.

In response to Caro’s demand, Lecuona denounced the Roach campaign for its public call for her to withdraw her candidacy for the Democratic Primary.

Lecuona stated: “Tom Roach’s campaign’s hypocritical call for my withdrawal from the Democratic Primary is just one more example of his rigid, unchanging ideals. In 2009, when he ran for Common Council he took the GOP and the Conservative Party Nominations. Now that all parties in White Plains are calling for change, my opponent’s opinions have changed. The people of White Plains are tired of Tom Roach’s obstinate views, and are coming from all political parties to demand more. I am honored to be supported by residents across party lines, and I will continue to work with them to see real progress in the City of White Plains.”

In an interview with The White Plains Examiner, Lecuona said that her slate continues to include Alan Goldman, Michael Kraver and Saad Siddiqui, all looking for seats on the Common Council and all forcing a Democratic primary.

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