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Candidate for Carmel Town Board Clashes with Supervisor

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Following weeks of meetings where residents stepped forward to harshly criticize the Carmel Town Board on the town’s property tax reevaluation project, tensions remained high as a town board candidate condemned Supervisor Kenny Schmitt Wednesday night.

After roughly 13,000 disclosure notices were mailed out on Mar. 1, residents have packed meetings addressing their concerns over the substantial increase in property taxes some are facing on their homes.

During that time, the board has ensured the community they will look into the property assessments while reminding residents that after roughly 20 years without a reevaluation, they did the right thing because it had to be done.

“We knew going into this one-third of the residents wouldn’t be happy. We never assumed to this level and I feel terrible for those who have suffered the way some homeowners have with their assessments and their market values that they’ve gone up as much as they did,” Schmitt said during the Apr. 12 meeting.

But longtime resident Michael Barile, an oft-critic of the board who is running for town board, said while the reassessment should have been done, it should have been done correctly. He also complained that New York City land is not assessed fairly.

“I’ve heard your statements in public and I’ve heard your statements outside this building and I think they are all disgraceful,” Barile said following Schmitt’s remarks.

Schmitt became increasingly irritated raising his voice telling Barile he shouldn’t say things that aren’t true and Barile told him, “Don’t make me quote things you’ve said outside this building.”

“I take offense to that, and I like you and I think you’re a good guy, but for you to come up in a public meeting and make that statement about me as hard as I work in this town to make this a better community, that’s disgraceful,” Schmitt said.

Barile stormed out of the building after Schmitt said he felt the assessments were done correctly.

At the end of the meeting, Schmitt addressed the audience and apologized for raising his voice.

More residents spoke against the town reassessment plan Wednesday night. Town assessor Glen Droese is expected to affirm the new tax roll this month.


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