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Business Profile: TOTAL Firearms Techniques, Brewster

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Sergio Esposito, Ralph Nudo, and Mark Perillo are all owner of TOTAL Firearm Techniques. The instructors all preach safety and responsibility.  PROVIDED BY RALPH NUDO
Sergio Esposito, Ralph Nudo, and Mark Perillo are all owner of TOTAL Firearm Techniques. The instructors all preach safety and responsibility.

As a fireman techniques instructor, Ralph Nudo knows he has a responsibility to teach his students how to handle any gun–whether it’s for competition or self-defense–safely and wisely.

“If you’re going to handle a firearm, you have to be safe,” Nudo said. “Safety is our main concern.”

And that’s what Nudo preaches as one of the partners and instructors for TOTAL Firearm Techniques New York (TFTNY). The business is based in Westchester and Putnam Counties and in an age where the mention of guns can stir vigorous debate, responsible gun ownership is still critical for those citizens that choose to exercise their 2nd amendment right. The business, which is run by Nudo and two others, has a straightforward motto pertaining to guns: Awareness, discipline, and safety. If a perspective student comes to TFTNY without those three attributes, they’ll be shown the door, Nudo said.

Nudo emigrated from Italy as a child and became a United States citizen when he was 12. The Putnam County resident has officially owned TFTNY for two years now, and also owns Route 22 Technology, which is a computer service store in Brewster.

Nudo has several points he tries to instill in new gun owners. The advice includes treating a gun as if it’s always loaded, never pointing it at a person or thing you’re not willing to hurt, and only putting a finger on the trigger when ready to shoot.

And Nudo stresses that just because a resident has a firearm, it does not mean it has to ever be used in a real life situation. Nudo tells his students that if a burglar enters their home, the first action is to retreat and call the authorities, as also suggested by the National Rifle Association.

Possible deadly force should be the final solution, if all other options aren’t available.

“Nobody wants to take a life,” he said. “I don’t want to take a life.”

Nudo said he’s owned a gun for several years and said the reason is for sports and for protection, admitting that he lives in a country that is sadly filled with countless bad people looking to harm others. He said it’s unfortunate that the news only reports crimes that involve guns, but never reports responsible citizens that use guns to protect themselves and prevent crimes.

The other two people involved with TFTNY are Mark Perillo of Dutchess County and Sergio Esposito of Westchester County. Nudo said he and his two partners will not put their name to any certification they feel the potential gun owner won’t take seriously.

Nudo said classes are given in three different locations. There is one location in Putnam County and then another two in Westchester, including Cortlandt/Yorktown and Yonkers. TFTNY offers one-on-on classes at shooting ranges, a hands-on NRA pistol course, and a non-firearm course called “Refuse to be a Victim.”

“If you don’t know how to use a firearm safely, you shouldn’t have one. Period,” he said. “Training is very important.”

TOTAL Firearm Techniques New York (TFTNY) is located at Stark Plaza, 850 Route 22 in Brewster, 3635 Crompond Road on the 2nd floor in Cortandt Manor and 140 Saw Mill River Road in Hastings on Hudson. It can be reached at 845-704-7756 or 914-214-5020. Its website is








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