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Business Profile: Suburban Wines and Spirits, Yorktown

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Lance Cerutti, owner of Suburban Wines & Spirits in Yorktown. Photo credit: Neal Rentz
Lance Cerutti, owner of Suburban Wines & Spirits in Yorktown.
Photo credit: Neal Rentz

Mount Kisco resident Lance Cerutti is continuing a tradition as the latest owner of Suburban Wines & Sprits, which is an institution in Yorktown.

The store has been in existence for the past 55 years, Cerutti noted last week. “I bought this store 10 years ago,” he said. “I was always passionate about wine and I got to a point in my life where I wanted to make a change.”

Cerutti previously worked in the advertising field. Owning the store was “a big change,” he said. “What I like most about being here now is that I’m enjoying the customers and sharing that passion that I have for the products with the customers.”

Cerutti said he had a good relationship with his customers. “That’s what drives us,” he said. Most of his customers come from the Yorktown area, but some come from “far north and far south,” he said.

“All the time people ask us for specific pairings for foods and we also open up wine for them to taste,” Cerutti said. “All 5,000 products we have on our shelves we taste prior to brining in “

Cerutti said there is no one specialty item sold at his store. “It’s our goal to have the very best selection” he said. “We try to offer the best of everything. We’re large enough that we can really have a great selection from every wine region there is and every spirit selection.” Both foreign and domestic liquors are offered. Wines from nearly every wine producing country in the world are offered at the store, Cerutti said.

Cerutti said he has no one favorite wine. “We love wines. That’s what we do,” Cerutti. “We enjoy it every day.”

Cerutti said it will soon be a every busy period at this store with such upcoming holidays as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. “It’s definitely ramping up,” he said. “You will start to see an increase in the volume of people coming through toward the end of the month it will just escalate through the end of the year.”

The best part of owning the store is his relationship with his customers, Cerutti said. “When they come back in after we recommend a wine to them to tell us how great it was and it met the goal of why they came in and asked us for advice, that’s my favorite thing in the world.”

Suburban Wines & Spirits in located in the K-Mart shopping center at 379 Downing Drive in Yorktown. For more information call 914-962-3100.


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