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Business Profile: Cold Spring Coffee Pantry/ On The Fly Cycling Studio

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Sept. 10 Putnam BOW PixWhen Samantha Lutzer opened up her business four months ago, she wanted to provide two things she knew women would want.

So Lutzer, along with her husband, recently opened Cold Spring Coffee Pantry and soon in an adjacent room, the couple plans to usher in a cycling studio called On The Fly for residents around Putnam County to get their exercise in as well.

“I know women love to work out and then you have a lot to get done for the day and you need your coffee because you’re going to crash after you work out really hard,” Lutzer said. “The idea was you can get two really important things done pretty close together, which is get your workout in, get your coffee and then go on and do your day.”

And with that business model, Lutzer, who is one of those women that enjoys burning calories and then grabbing a pick-me-up drink, is hoping that her spot along Route 9 becomes a big draw. While the coffee pantry has been established for about four months, the cycling studio should be ready in the next couple weeks, with Lutzer working on finding instructors, finishing the interior, and getting the rides curated.

Lutzer, who is still a practicing attorney, has experience helping launch other businesses, knew it was inevitable that she would open up her own place. In fact, her newest location isn’t even the first business the couple opened up

While the Lutzers lived in New York City, they opened up a coffee shop with another partner, and then eventually ended up selling their side of the business to that partner. Looking to move away from the city, the couple decided that Cold Spring was the right fit for them.

And then after two years of settling in Cold Spring, Lutzer was on a mission to find a location to open another coffee shop. When she heard Vera’s Marketplace and Garden Center was looking to sell part of their space, she jumped at the opportunity.

While the center of the village has coffee shops, the outlier along Route 9 was in need of a coffee pantry, Lutzer said.

All the coffee on the premises is made manually, Lutzer said, with the only machinery used to grind the coffee or bring water to a boil. Unlike a Dunkin Donuts, the coffee has a human element to it.

“You can’t ever get an A-plus coffee, you can probably only get a C-minus cup of coffee,” Lutzer said of the difference. “Whereas here we’re really involved in the process.

Add in the cycling aspect and Lutzer has a business unheard of.

When people enter the cycling room for the first time, they can expect a high tempo pace with an engaging instructor. She said people are more likely to get a good workout in cycling than if they just go to a gym and try to get work done.

Once that side of the business is ready, people can begin signing up. And the cycling studio will be per class, not membership based.

While plenty of gyms have a café, they certainly don’t have artisanal crafted coffee. And while some coffee pantries are smart enough to put itself near a gym, or vice-versa, Lutzer said there isn’t one under the same roof.

“I think we’re the first so we’re trying to do something new,” Lutzer said.

On one side, Lutzer said customers could relax while sipping on a cup of coffee, and on the other side, get an intense workout in. It might be a stark difference, but Lutzer believes it’s going to be a perfect match.

She said, “It’s kind of something for everyone in the community.”

Cold Spring Coffee Pantry is open Mon-Fri 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Sat-Sun 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It is located at 3091 Route 9, Cold Spring.



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