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Business Profile: Charmaine’s Dog Salon, Somers

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Owner of charmaine’s Dog Salon Charmaine McCleave and her staff pamper a pooch.

For people who treat their dogs like family, there is the perfect place to pamper your pet in Somers.  At Charmaine’s Dog Salon the staff cares about the well-being of your canines and wants your pet to feel comfortable. Owner Charmaine McCleave said she and her staff take the best care of the pets that come into her salon, treating them all like princes and princesses.

Charamine’s Dog Salon has been open since 2003, but just moved to a new location at 261 Route 202 in Somers.

“I used to work in an animal hospital and it was a little negative and sad at times and I wanted a job that made me smile. So I just decided that grooming dogs is what I wanted to do.” McCleave said.

She takes her job very seriously and always looks out for what is in the best interest for her customers and their pets.

“I’ve been around dogs all my life and I even had to take care of all of my family’s dogs all the time,” McCleave said.

Charmaine’s Dog Salon has been a business for almost 10 years and according to McCleave it is just getting better and better.

“The new location is much safer for my clients. At my old location, there was a large staircase and I groom a lot of senior citizens’ dogs and it’s easier for them to get in and out of the new location,” she said.

McCleave said she and her staff try to offer a personal touch to customers at Charmaine’s Dog Salon. The staff gets to know their clients and the dogs very well.

Unlike other pet grooming establishments, Charmaine’s dog salon does not keep dogs all day; instead dogs remain at the salon only for the length of their scheduled appointment.

“If you have a two o’clock appointment for your dog it won’t sit here and wait,” McCleave said.

The dog salon offers a soothing grooming method that includes a therapeutic bath with organic shampoo, hand-fluffed drying (no cage drying), the cleaning of pads and ears, the trimming of nails and breed specific grooming or charming “mutt cuts”. There is also spa services offered at Charmaine’s Dog Salon., like nail painting, hot oil treatment, deep-conditioning treatment, medicated shampoo, flea and tick treatment and special occasion bows and bandanas.

Prices range from $55 to $100 depending on the breed of dog. Charmaine’s Dog Salon hours are from 8:30a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. To make an appointment call 914- 669-9274.


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