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Business Profile: Bryant Pond Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Mahopac

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Photo caption: Artie Divila stands inside his Bryant Pond business, a proud owner since 2005.
Artie Divila stands inside his Bryant Pond business, a proud owner since 2005.

Artie Divila will be the first to tell customers, he’s no expert when it comes to dry cleaning and washing laundry. Not yet anyway.

But with just enough knowledge in the industry and through efficient management, Divila has found a way to run a successful business called Bryant Pond Laundry and Dry Cleaning and has recently opened up a second business in Baldwin’s Place called Moderne Garment Care. With customer care a top priority; Divila has found a niche for himself.

Originally, Divila knew he wanted to run a business, but didn’t know what type to pursue. Being a firefighter in the Bronx, shifts a few days a week left him plenty of free time. He also had a degree from Westchester Community College in business management. All he needed was an idea of what industry to pour himself into.

“So I knew owning a small business was somewhere in my line of doing things,” Divila said.

After much thought, Divila ran into a friend who was in the laundry mat business in Westchester, and Divila was told how well that type of business was going. After looking though the PennySaver, an advertisement for a laundry mat for sale in Mahopac popped up and from there, Divila knew what to pursue.

Within three months of getting in touch with the previous owner, Divila was signing papers and in 2005 he opened his first business.

But just opening a laundry and dry cleaning service wasn’t enough. Divila had to know everything about the business to become an owner that customers could turn to and trust.

“One thing about myself is when I get into something I really like to know the most I can about the industry,” he said.

As a result, Divila joined the Coin Laundry Association and the National Cleaners Association (NCA) when he first opened the store. Divila has attended at least 14 classes the NCA offers to cleaners to keep up with his craft.

Talking like a true student of the industry, Divila discussed how the business recently went from one solvent to another solvent that is better for the environment and also the clothes.

Divila said he’s currently one of the just three stores in the area that offers “green cleaning.”

He also noted how less soap poured into a washing machine could go a long way. If too much solvent is put into the washer, Divila said, it’s almost counterproductive.

“There so much to know. I’ve come a long way,” Divila said. “I know I have a much longer way to go. It’s taken me eight years to become a professional in my industry, but I still think it’s going to take me another 8-10 years to become an expert.”

But for all the knowledge Divila has, his attention to the customers is what he believes stands out. Also his involvement within the community contributes, noting how the laundry mat does laundry at a discounted rate for the organization Community Cares, which is a non-profit that finds businesses to assist families with sick family members.

“I have good customers because even when they’re upset, most of me and my staff have the ability to make customers happy even if they’ve been let down for a moment,” he said. “They can still come to us and trust us.”

Bryant Pond Laundry and Dry Cleaning is located at 78 Secor Rd. in Mahopac and Moderne Garment Care is located at 80 Route 6 Suite 206 in Baldwin Place.

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