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Business Profile: b.bakery!, Carmel

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Amy Buchoff , left, is the owner of the new b.bakery! in Carmel. Also shown above is pastry chef and Carmel resident Amy Sposato.
Amy Buchoff , left, is the owner of the new b.bakery! in Carmel. Also shown above is pastry chef and Carmel resident Amy Sposato.

Amy Buchoff  has spent decades in the food services industry, all working in areas related to baking.

“I’ve been in food service my whole life,” she said last week.

But it was not until last week that she opened the first bakery of her own. “I just like sweets,” she said.

Buchoff, who lives in Danbury, CT, opened b.bakery! on Oct. 30 on Gleneida Avenue in Carmel. The site formerly housed Scrumptious, which Bushoff described as “a little cupcake store.”

“I love Carmel and I didn’t want to be in a strip mall,” Bushoff said.

The name of the bakery is out of the ordinary with its all lower case letters. “I just like the way it looks with the font,” she said. “We do all the baking here.”

While Buchoff is planning to do some in the future, all the baking is now being done by  Amy Sposato, who lives in Carmel. Both Amys are pastry chefs and graduates of the Culinary Institute. “I interviewed no one else. I hired her on the spot and she’s awesome,” Buchoff said.

The new bakery has two particular specialty items: rainbow cookies and almond croissants. “Those are the things that really seem  to be flying out of here,” Buchoff said.

The almond croissant is Buchoff’s favorite item from her new business. “I’m partial to almonds. It’s very rich and sweet and you can’t get an almond  croissant like ours anywhere,” she said.

Another favorite of Buchoff’s customers are her syrup flavored coffees. “A lot of people ask for it,” she said, adding she also offers chi teas, latttes, and espressos.

Buchoff and  Sposato know many people and that should help the new business become a success, Buchoff said. “Fortunately, Amy and I have a lot of friends,” Buchoff said. “Almost everyone who comes in here are our friends and family, who have been wonderful in supporting us.”

Buchoff has aspirations for her bakery. “It’s in a nice community, so I really want to be involved, maybe sponsor a team down the line,” she said. “In the summer I’d like to have some gelato here because I make that and Amy makes that also, so maybe a little bit of that, maybe some smoothies.”

“I wanted to have a business all my life,” Buchoff said. “I’ve come close so many times. When I came in here I just it knew this was it.”

b.bakery! is located at 66 Gleneida Ave. in Carmel. For more information call 845-225-1757.


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