Tayne Law Group, Mt. Kisco

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Leslie Tayne, founder and CEO of Tayne Law Group.

The economy can be quite unpredictable and life’s challenges can play havoc with so many people’s personal finances.

To address those challenges and point people toward a more secure financial future, Leslie Tayne, founder and CEO of Tayne Law Group (TLG), is expanding her law practice nationwide and developing a Debt Resolution Franchise Program.

Tayne opened her practice 16 years ago, offering debt management, debt resolution and bankruptcy alternatives for consumers, business owners and professionals who are in need of help with managing their finances. There are existing offices in Mount Kisco, White Plains, Long Island and Manhattan.

Tayne said it was critical to open a client-centric law firm that specializes in creating financial solutions while providing a supportive and trusting environment.

“There’s so much anxiety people have with law firms and dealing with their debt,” Tayne said. “I created this position to help customers and consumers deal with credit card debt, student loan debt and provide real world solutions to not only help people get out of debt but live with the debts they do have and create a better financial future.”

Tayne’s firm also offers support services for clients who have unsecured loans, lines of credit, consumer-based loans and business loans.

“It’s a very dangerous area of the law because you’re taking people’s financial lives, and if you misstep someone’s financial situation, you put them in a seriously compromising position,” she said.

Looking to expand her services outside the state, Tayne created a Debt Resolution Franchise Program allowing her to further advance her mission to reshape the debt resolution industry.

“What I’ve found over the years is there’s a real need for debt resolution services that are trustworthy, reliable and that don’t take people for granted and truly make a difference in people’s lives,” Tayne said. “That’s what I created with this program.”

Her business model focuses on building an environment of trust, comfort and results to point her clients toward financial freedom. The model includes an open-door policy she established that does not charge clients service fees or an hourly rate.

Tayne explained the firm examines a client’s total debt, creates a financial strategy and devises a budgeted monthly payment of what the client can afford while leaving plenty of leeway. The firm doesn’t earn its fee until the creditors are paid, she said.

“When people have debt there’s no extra money and they think the lawyer will cost them so much money,” Tayne said. “I’ve created the program on a formula that it does not negatively impact and make things worse. We want to make things better, we want happy clients.”

Tayne Law Group, P.C. is located at 118 N. Bedford Rd. in Mount Kisco and 445 Hamilton Ave. in White Plains. For more information call 914-301-3300.


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