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Business of the Week: Laura’s Boutique, Carmel

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Trends in fashion can change overnight and at a swift pace, but for Laura Rudovic Waters keeping up with the latest styles and designs are all part of owning a business.

Waters opened up Laura’s Boutique in the past couple weeks and it is a ladies collection store that has the hottest fashion including dresses, coats, bags, and shoes at competitive prices. Located along Route 52 in Carmel, Waters knows with summer coming around so are all the biggest parties and types of celebration that her store can provide a stunning dress for anyone seeking it.

Getting in different inventory every two weeks, Waters tries to make all the necessary adjustments for her clients.

“I follow the trends of celebrities and what’s hot right now so I try to stay with the trends,” she said. “If you don’t see something this week, you come back next week, it probably will be here.”

For instance, Waters said clutch purses are currently trendy, as well as sequin, lace, and glitter. She noted in 2014, there are multiple fashions that women can sport, while it may have been more restrictive in past years.

“I try to shop every two weeks, whenever I see someone wearing it in the news and I like it, I try to see where they got it,” Waters said.

So far, Waters called her experience of running her own place fun. As someone who enjoys meeting new people and styling them, this is what she’s always wanted to do.

Before owning her own place, she used to work the daily grind of getting to work at 9 a.m. and leaving at 5 p.m. at a bank. Because of that, Waters wasn’t spending as much time as she’d like to with her two young boys.

Now, she’s able to bring her kids everywhere, including to work with her.

It’s always been a dream of hers to open up a fashion boutique, but it did take some time to make it a reality. Besides working for a bank, Waters—who came from Montenegro when she was nine-years-old—also worked as an assistant for accountants and lawyers, and also management for a car dealership.

But regardless of the job, her passion and focus always came back to fashion. All the way back in high school Waters was involved in fashion shows, so eventually becoming part of the fashion scene seemed inevitable.

“It took me awhile to open but I didn’t quit until I opened this place up,” Waters said.

Waters has a variety of dresses for several different occasions and functions like proms, weddings, and beauty pageants. She also has dresses for working women who go to a job everyday.

“What I have is stull you won’t find at the malls or bigger stores,” Waters said. “But if you come here style people personally and you’ll be the only one rocking that dress. It’s one of a kind.”

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