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Business of the Week: Dave Aisenstat

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Tucked away in a small residential community in the far reaches of the county, 20 or so regulars fill the space within Carmel High School graduate Dave Aisenstat’s garage. Some lift themselves from the pipes that nearly graze the ceiling, while others sprint down the driveway in the frosty fall air.

Dave Aisenstat stretches before a workout.

It’s the homegrown, rustic style of Aisenstat’s garage that sets him apart from other commercial gyms. Since the inception of his business in September 2010, Aisenstat has gathered a small client base that exercises with the power of their own body, and not with the help of fancy machines.

“There are no machines here, except for the one rower we have—we make the machines here,” Aisenstat said. “The workouts we do here are all functional movements that are constantly varied and used in every day life.”

After graduating with a film degree from CUNY Hunter, Aisenstat came across a CrossFit program while living in New York City after a friend referred him to the grueling workout program. Having exercised at larger commercial gyms for most of his life, he was floored by its intensity and was immediately hooked.

“I was on the floor, sweating—I created what I called a sweat angel on the floor, like a snow angel but with sweat,” Aisenstat said. “I was instantly addicted.”

When Aisentat moved back home, he joined a CrossFit affiliate in Fishkill, but unfortunately due to a rough economy, the gym went under. It was then that he decided to take out a small loan to purchase some equipment off of the former affiliate.

Since then, Aisenstat has built a small gym within his garage that fits the needs of a workout that requires little clutter and much more strength and endurance. CrossFit, which is used for first responder training programs, prides itself on being broad, general and inclusive to all kinds fitness levels.

While Aisenstat’s garage is not an official affiliate of CrossFit, he tailors his workouts to three main principles: mechanics, consistency and intensity. This procession allows gym-goers to make sure they understand the fundamentals before they begin working at a rapid, intense pace.

“It’s a circle, so once you get the intensity down at a certain weight, add a little weight, go back to the mechanics and make sure the form’s right,” Aisenstat said. “You never plateau either—people at the gym plateau and here we have benchmark workouts that people return to after achieving a certain goal.” 

Aisenstat offers certain rates according to what the member needs in a workout. He provides personal training for those looking for a little extra, and allows members to come in and workout independently according to the workouts he posted for that particular day.

“God didn’t make you to be dependent on a machine,” Aisenstat said. “Your going to get chiseled, you’re going to lose a lot of body fat—you’re going to get so much out of it.”

Call 845-222-0432 to find out more information about Dave Aisenstat and his training programs/membership rates.

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