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Brewster Students Against Cancer Raises Another $3,000

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Brewster Students Against Cancer (BSAC) presented the American Cancer Association with $3,000 on Dec. 16 to support breast cancer research.

“This group has done a great job raising funds since the end of the summer,” said Michelle Vilano, the group’s academic advisor. “Thank you to all members of BSAC who donated their time to bake and volunteer to work the bake sale table and deliver pink bagels.”

Kate Corsito, the Regional Community Manager for the American Cancer Association, also thanked the group and explained that the money will go “directly towards more treatments for breast cancer patients and support for survivors.”

Jancey Espinoza said, “BSAC raised money in two different ways. First, in the early fall we had two bake sales at Kobackers. The dedicated members and officers made all sorts of baked goods that were all individually wrapped to make it easier for people to grab. Since everything was by donations, nothing had a set value. We encouraged people to donate however much they wanted and get homemade treats in return.

Second was the pink bagel fundraiser. This event was very successful as they raised more than $1,182 all thanks to JV Bagels for donating more than 200 pink bagels. Each bagel was priced at $3 and gave students the options of buttered, plain and cream cheese. By the end of the day, we had sold all of them.”

Handy Paws, the high school Life Skills group, labeled containers and bags and helped to deliver the bagels to all four district buildings.

The field hockey team held a pink out game for the cause. “We raised $803 during just one game,” said Ellen Cassidy, a member of both the field hockey team and BSAC.

This cause is very close to many of the students at the high school because of their friendship with Zach Schwartz, a classmate who lost his life to Leukemia.

Madeline Russo said, “I feel as if we should honor Zach by helping others that are going through what he went through. By us helping out, I think it makes others feel that they are not alone through the tough times and that there is always hope.”

“It is always a group effort,” said Madison Daiken, President of BSAC.

This is a press release provided by the organization. It has been lightly edited and is being published by Examiner Media as a public service.

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