Brewster School District Passes Revised Budget Easily

The second time proved to be the charm for the Brewster school system as district voters signed off on a revised budget Tuesday night overwhelmingly.

After the first budget vote failed in May by less than 200 votes, the revote proved to be less dramatic as 1,123 supported the $98 million spending plan and only 454 were against it. The past few months, Brewster school administrators and school board members have faced angry residents questioning the spending of the district and complaining about apparent lack of transparency, but Tuesday’s approval was a respite from that wrath.

The new spending plan remained under the New York State tax cap, just like the first budget proposal that totaled $99 million. The tax levy increase is 2.22 percent this time around.

More voters came out to vote for this budget than in May. During the May 15 vote, 1,495 casted a ballot, but on Tuesday 1,577 offered a vote.

All the other school systems in Putnam County saw their budgets pass with ease in May.