Branding Your Office: Make Your Business Shine

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Kris Ruby, president of Ruby Media Group

I recently moved into Stark Offices on 100 S. Bedford Road in Mt. Kisco, right in between Mount Kisco Medical Group buildings. Moving into Stark was amazing from a business perspective. The Internet was connected, my phone was set up with a receptionist ready to screen my calls, there was a gourmet coffee machine in the kitchen and I was handed a key to my own private office. The only thing missing was some decorative “Sparkling Ruby” flair to represent Ruby Media Group.  If you are going to spend nine hours a day in an office, it should represent your brand identity. For some brands, if the core of their brand is neutral and plain, then their office can represent that. With Ruby Media, social media is by nature “social” and I wanted to create an atmosphere that would represent that when people arrived.  Here are my top tips to creating a signature branded office.

1-    Use a color scheme that represents your logo– The RMG is red and silver, and most everything in my office is pink, red or silver to represent that.  The goal is to leave a “brand impression” on your perspective clients when they leave your office. When they see red and silver, you want them to think of your company!

2-    Have a signature item– For RMG, our signature item that we have used in holiday cards and online promotions is “Sparkling Rubies.” I scoured the stores to find an actual assortment of “Rubies” and put them in a heart shaped container next to the cards on my desk.  Find out what your signature item is for your company and choose a life-sized item to represent it. You would be amazed what a great conversation starter this is to break the ice!

3-    Offer your clients something to snack on– if one of your core business principles is customer service, then bring this to life by offering your clients something to snack on as soon as they arrive in your office. I put a huge candy jar on my desk, and bought gourmet mango and pineapple slices next to a large jar of gumballs inside of a rhinestone-encrusted platter. Always offer something that goes with your brand. I also offer Voss Water- symbolizing luxury. Offer products and snacks that are synonymous with your core brand. If your brand isn’t “luxurious” don’t pretend to be, in the long run this will only hurt your brand equity.

4-    Show off your press hits– One of the best branding activities you can do is showcasing your awards, achievements and press hits in your office. This will give you a warm feeling every time you look at it and will also help instill a sense of trust with prospective clients. When I walk into an office and see someone’s awards or accolades hanging up, I am instantly intrigued and want to know more! I love hearing about what people have achieved in their careers, and people will love hearing about what you have achieved also! Go to Staples and put some of your favorite press clippings in a glass frame and hang it on the wall.

5-    Bring in symbols of positive energy- Remember; you are the one who has to spend the majority of time in your office, not prospective clients. You want it to be a place where you feel comfortable, and that brings out the best in you! I brought in a positive energy candle, a serenity book and a serenity stone to keep things in perspective. So next time you get frazzled in the office, you can look at your serenity rock or symbol of positive energy and instantly calm down.

Kris Ruby is the President of Ruby Media Group LLC, a Public Relations, Personal Branding and Social Media Agency.  Kris has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, MSN Money, AOL Small Business, ABC Good Morning CT, NBC, FORBES, CBS, News 12 and more. Kris is the youngest ever to be chosen for the Business Council of Westchester’s “40 Under 40″ Rising Stars and holds a degree from Boston University’s College of Communication.  If you have business tips or interview ideas, shoot her an email at kruby @

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