Black Lives Matter Practices Violence, Revenge, Not Racial Harmoy

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I just read, with some degree of amusement and a sense of irony, last week’s front-page article about the burning of the Quaker Meeting House BLM banner in Chappaqua. Not, of course, regarding the vandalism, which I deplore, but relating to the violent end of a violent banner.

Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but I thought the symbol of racial harmony was two hands clasping, not a Black fist threatening violence. All that is missing from that banner is the white face to which the fist will presumably be applied. Or perhaps, to avoid any ambiguity, this quote from Hawk Newsome, BLM chapter head, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn (it) down…”

I was also amused to read of the Council on Race and Equity members’ “outrage” at the vandalism. Are they also outraged at the destruction of statues of Columbus and Jefferson, at the obscene graffiti that blankets the New York Public Library (the Library!) or all the burning and looting (or rather reparations, according to the BLM leadership in Chicago)? 

BLM is not an agent of racial harmony, but rather a toxic brew of violence, extortion and revenge. I will grant that some of the wrongs for which they seek retribution are real, but others are self-inflicted, imaginary or ancient history. No sane person, white or Black, should support them.   

Richard Vastola

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