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Bead Everything, White Plains

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Rye Brook resident Debbie Daum is the owner of Bead Everything in White Plains.
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Rye Brook resident Debbie Daum said last week, “I have always been a crafter and a maker.”

Daum’s creative passion is on display as owner of Bead Everything on E. Post Road in White Plains.

Daum, who opened Bead Everything in May 2016, explained last week why she created her business. “There used to be another bead store a few blocks away called Beads of Westchester,” she said. “They closed in 2014. I worked there for three years. And before that I came from the jewelry industry. I am a gemologist by trade.”

Before being hired by Beads of Westchester, which was located on Westchester Avenue, Daum went to the store to purchase supplies to assist in her jewelry making. The big box craft stores did not offer what she needed, Daum said. Her final position with Beads of Westchester was store manager, she noted.

Following the closure of Beds of Westchester, Daum stayed home for a while to care for her children. “Then I started to get a little antsy,” she recalled. “I visited a friend who was working in another bead store down in Maryland. And when customers started asking me questions I realized how much I missed it. I missed the environment. I missed helping people. I missed teaching.”

“I decided that I needed to do this and everything just kind of fell into place,” Daum said.

Daum said she chose White Plains for her business because it is centrally located. “Our customers come from as far away as Orange County and southern New Jersey and Fairfield,” she said.

“We sell all of the bits and pieces that you need to make jewelry,” Daum said. “We cater to stringers and wire workers.” Bead Everything also caters to bead weavers, who stitch with a needle and a thread, she said. “Most bead stores tend to focus on one segment,” she explained.

All of her staff is made up of beaders and artists, Daum said. “If you don’t know how to do it you can’t properly help the customer, she acknowledged.

Bead Everything also offers made jewelry, most of which has been created by Daum or her staff.

In addition, Bead Everything provides several classes. All her employees teach at the store, Daum said.

“We like to make people happy,” Daum said. “We like to see people succeed. We get a lot of designers in here and we want to see their business be successful. And I love to teach.”

Daum explained why her business has been successful. “Customer service is probably like 75 percent of our business,” she said. “And also because we offer something nobody else has. We are the only full service, big bead store in the county.”

Bead Everything is located at 175 E. Post Rd. in White Plains. For more information call 914-644-8191, send an e-mail to or visit The business also has a Facebook page.

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