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Bank Street Developer Seeks Site Plan Change for Added Units

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Citing changes in the rental apartment market, LCOR 55 Bank Street LLC, presented a Site Plan Amendment proposal to the White Plains Planning Board at its October meeting last week. The amendment seeks to add 36 apartments to the Phase II Tower, already partially constructed at the ground level, and to change building dimensions on the upper floors to facilitate the added units.

The review is a referral from the Common Council.

William Null, attorney representing the developer said the second tower would not be identical to the first, with a slight change in the height (10-ft 5-in), a decreased width by 6 feet, and 200 sq. ft. less overall.

Null said the common entry to the two buildings would remain the same, although there are different owners for each of the two buildings.

Null noted that occupancy is currently at 80% and the changes would help to make the building more efficient by offering more options in terms of different unit types. The current apartments are too large and too costly for the current market, Null said.

Responding to requests made by the Common Council when the original Site Plan was approved, Null explained that at the back of the building along the train line there is stacker parking. A screen is being added to the wall facing the train tracks so the view for passengers will not be of stacks of cars when they begin entrance to the White Plains station.

A stucco wall had been suggested, but could not structurally accommodate the wind in the area. Null said the screen would allow wind to blow through.

Null also said the developer was requesting a waiver to additional parking for the 36 units. “It would be a temporary waiver,” Null said. “We don’t think we need them, but will add spaces if that changes. We expect it will not.”

The addition of easier to rent units is expected to increase building occupancy and also to add more cars to the existing stacker parking, which at this time is under utilized and therefore not able to sustain full time parking staff that would make the operation run smoother.

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