Astorino’s Divisive Politics, Policies Would Be a Disaster for New York

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Rob Astorino is working hard to revitalize his political career after defeats in runs for governor and re-election as county executive. In his campaign launch, Mr. Astorino makes claims of being inclusive, saving taxpayers money with his budgets and enormous successes. Granted all written by his public relations team and not investigative journalists, so few, if any, of his claims would be born out with fact checking.

The Astorino years eviscerated Westchester County, erasing essential services for those most in need, forcing local governments to raise taxes to cover former county services and a gross deterioration of needed infrastructure. Rob Astorino bullied his opponents and county workers, as well as his fellow citizens. He boasted about being Trump before Trump.

During the Astorino years Westchester paid or lost millions of dollars in lawsuits on affordable housing and didn’t apply for grants that could have brought funds and services to the county. His failed policies and antagonistic behaviors divided people, created polarization on a level rarely seen in this county and introduced the divisive politics we see at the national level to Westchester.

Rob Astorino isn’t running to be a freshman New York state senator in the Republican minority; he is running to gum up the system for his own political aggrandizement with a plan to run again for higher office. His ambition, if for good, would be welcome, but his history proves he does this for self-serving reasons that benefit no one but Rob Astorino.

Could our state use change? Yes. Could our state benefit from serious reform? Yes. Should we do things that benefit all New Yorkers? Absolutely. Can politicians like Rob Astorino with his history of slash and burn accomplish any of this? No.

In a democracy it is incumbent for both parties to put up the best possible candidates in every election. Voters deserve reasonable choices in primaries and general elections. In this case, the Republicans are putting up a false choice, as Rob Astorino brings only a divisive mix of political self-serving greed and questionable politics to the table.

Robert Kesten
South Salem

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