Astorino, Byrne Would Be Superior Choices to Hold Taxes in Check

I know Mary Jane Kilian is a well-established political operative of the Yorktown Democratic Committee. However, when she attempted to suggest that her far-left candidates were better positioned to lower our property taxes, I couldn’t help but chuckle. (“Support Candidates Who Will Fight to Lower Taxes,” September 29) It’s probably one of the more absurd propositions I’ve read recently. So let’s lay out the facts.

It was our ultra-left state Sen. Peter Harckham who she so admires that voted for a budget that threatens to slash upwards of 20 percent of all state aid to our schools (S7503C). He also voted to discontinue and end the property tax relief program (S7503C). (Remember when we used to get that extra check in the mail when districts stayed within the cap?) He voted to siphon away sales tax money from county governments to fill state budget gaps (S7506B). It was he, who in the middle of a pandemic, supported a budget that cut $17 million in state aid to county health departments (A9503C). He also introduced a bill to cut all state aid to any school district that has a mascot that has a race- or ethnic-based name (S8708). 

He is a co-sponsor of the Single Payer Health Bill (A5248/S3577) that would make private health plans illegal. It would strip existing public and private health plans from people who like their insurance (including seniors on Medicare and union workers who gave up raises to secure their health benefits) and force them on a new, untested, costly government-managed and taxpayer-funded plan. This proposal would cost more than the entire $180 billion state budget. It’s so bad that even Gov. Cuomo is on record opposing it during his gubernatorial debate against Cynthia Nixon. Peter Harckham supports this radical proposal so much he even co-sponsored the bill! 

Former county executive Rob Astorino held the line on property taxes, delivering on his promises when others failed. State Assemblyman Kevin Byrne has also consistently championed policies to lower state and local property taxes, returning our money to either go directly into our pockets or serve as property tax relief through assisting our schools and other local infrastructure needs – while keeping the names of mascots that have been around for many years. 

This is why we will most assuredly support Rob Astorino and Kevin Byrne this November. 

Daryl Lindholm
Jefferson Village