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Astorino Announces BeeLine Taxi Plan

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County Executive Rob Astorino helps ParaTransit rider Robin Jones, a White Plains resident, into a taxi on Tuesday, May 29.
County Executive Rob Astorino helps ParaTransit rider Robin Jones, a White Plains resident, into a taxi on Tuesday, May 29.

A new ParaTransit pilot program is helping to improve service and save taxpayer dollars, according to the county.The program, operating in White Plains, gives riders the option to take taxis rather than ride in vans that are more expensive.

ParaTransit is available to Westchester County residents who are unable to ride the Bee-Line bus system due to a disability. The county’s ParaTransit service currently serves 5,500 registered riders a year, providing 220,000 trips annually.

“This is an example of smart government and smart savings,” County Executive Rob Astorino said. “Thinking outside the box like this helps us to protect – and in this case improve – the essential services that so many of our residents rely on.”

Astorino said the county is always trying to maintain or improve services while saving taxpayer dollars.

On average, ParaTransit van rides cost the county approximately $50 per person per trip. The county estimates that the taxi rides cost between $8 and $10 per person per trip and will be used annually for about 8,300 trips – saving $300,000 a year. Fares are $4.

Since April 2, more than 520 riders in White Plains have utilized the taxi service, which is provided by Intrepid Taxi.

“White Plains is uniquely situated to take advantage of this program because we are a small city geographically, but we have a lot of action here,” said White Plains Mayor Tom Roach. “Not only does this offer greater convenience, but it also frees up van availability. And one of our local taxi companies is also benefiting from the additional business. So this really is a win, win, win all the way around.”

Robin Jones, a White Plains resident who has been utilizing the taxi service for a variety of errands, said she loves the flexibility and convenience of the new program.

“This addition to ParaTransit is wonderful. It’s convenient, the drivers are very nice, and overall everyone is very helpful,” Jones said. “I’m very happy they have added this to ParaTransit – and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s going to feel this way.”

Evan Latainer, director of the county’s Office for the Disabled, said the response from riders has been very positive, and now the county may consider expanding the program into northern Westchester.

ParaTransit riders from throughout Westchester County may use the Bee-Line Taxi service, but only for trips within the city. For more information or to schedule a pick-up, call (914) 995-7272 or visit

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