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As Usual, Democrats Wrongly Blame Baby Formula Shortage on GOP

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This is in response to Nicholas Kuvach’s letter to the editor in last week’s edition (“Republicans’ Baby Formula Vote Shows Party Cares Only About Power”). As is the norm with the Democrats, they never miss a chance to blame a crisis they created on someone, anyone else.

The Abbott plant was closed months ago and the FDA admitted this week that it dragged its feet in addressing a problem they knew was coming. But, of course, that’s the fault of the Republicans. Then the Democrats want to scramble and try to cover up their poor decisions with – wait for it – throwing money at it. That’s their answer to everything. 

But wait! There’s plenty of formula at the border for the children of the illegal immigrants. Why not? The Democrats cherish their children much more than they do the children of U.S. citizens and immigrants who are here legally.

Most House Republicans did oppose a bill that passed in the House on May 18 that would give $28 million to the FDA to address the shortage because it did not address how the money would be used to fix the problem, according to Politico. It would “strengthen and increase the number of FDA inspection staff” as well as “provide resources for personnel working on formula issues.”

The Republicans voted in favor of a separate bill that would make it easier for those in the federal food assistance program to access baby formula. A group of Republicans recently introduced the Babies Need More Formula Now Act, which seeks to reduce the restrictions on the importing of baby formula from other countries.

Biden couldn’t have a victory in any court of reasonable opinion. He is the worst leader – wait, I take back that word leader, as it is giving him too much credit. He is the worst example of what the Democrats had to offer.

As for the sanctity of life, Democrats are perfectly fine aborting babies up to and including live-birth abortions fully supported by the supposedly devout Catholics Pelosi and Biden. What a bunch of hypocritical human beings.

As for the Republicans only wanting power: Really? The Democrats are the most power-hungry, ruthless people on Earth. If it doesn’t benefit them personally, they want no part of it.  I can’t wait for the mid-terms.

Ray Rau


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