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All-American Collegiate Golfer Turns Passion For Golf Into Fitness

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Sessions Be-Fit is a mobile wellness company based out of Westchester, NY, owned by Scott Sessions, CPT, TPI, CNS.  Sessions Be-Fit brings its services to the client, making it most convenient for them.  Sessions Be-Fit focuses its services around golf fitness (TPI) Titleist Performance Institute), mobility, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition.  Clients are trained privately in the comfort of their own home, backyard, local gym or golf club.  If the client trains at home and does not own his/her own equipment, it is provided for them.  Scott not only operates his own business training private clients, but is also a private contractor for multiple fitness companies.  Scott trains golfers of all ages and skill levels from both private country clubs and from public golf courses in Westchester and Fairfield counties.  The majority of Scott’s clients have some degree of physical limitation/discomfort, which, without training, prevents them from reaching their potential.  “Most individuals acknowledge that they have a physical limitation and avoid exercise because they’re afraid of injury, so they continue playing with the body they have.  This is an injury waiting to happen… the enemy is over-compensation”, says Scott.  According to Scott, people of all ages maintain most of their strength in their arms since they use these muscles for almost everything they do, while their lower body stays dormant due to the sedentary world many of us live in (desk jobs, car rides, train rides, etc.).  For a golfer, this is a huge issue since most of the power generated during the golf swing should come from the lower body.  According to Scott, He sees this in 95% of the golfers he trains.  “Strong arms paired with a weak lower body is a recipe for disaster”, Scott says.  This imbalance ultimately leads to consistent hooks, slices, thin shots, chunks, a sore back and, potentially, serious injury.  Enter Sessions Be-Fit.

Sessions Be-Fit training routines are tailored to each client’s physical level so anyone can succeed.   The Sessions Be-Fit training process begins with a physical assessment, whereby Scott administers a series of mobility tests to determine where the body is lacking strength, and/ or flexibility.  After the initial screening, Scott video records the swing and discusses the physical limitations based on the results of the screening.  Once these limitations are clearly defined, Scott prescribes a variety of golf-specific exercises aimed at increasing flexibility, balance and strength; resulting in improving your game, and most importantly, playing without physical discomfort.

Scott not only trains golfers, but trains people of all ages who want to improve their cardiovascular conditioning, muscle tone, strength, overall flexibility, balance and those who want to learn to eat properly for their specific body type and goals.  Not only does Scott train his clients one on one, but he also trains many clients online.  “My goal is to be able to help as many people as possible, and online training affords me that opportunity”, says Scott.  Scott offers personalized workout programs for those who want to periodically “fine-tune” their routine, those who struggle with exercise form, those with a physical limitation who need more flexibility and strength in a specific area, and those interested in general health and nutrition. Each client receives a workout that’s tailored to their specific goals and includes the appropriate amount of work to keep them progressing without overdoing it.  To make their routine even more effective, Scott makes himself available to his clients 24/7 for Face Time calls, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, texts and emails.

Scott is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist and prescribes meal plans for many of his clients.  Scott explains that most individuals make nutrition more complicated than it needs to be.  Most people are WAY too strict with their eating routines, which makes a healthy diet almost impossible to adhere to.  Scott guides his clients how to effortlessly stick to their goals without counting calories, macronutrients, or weighing food.  Sessions Be-Fit offers a variety of diet/nutrition/meal plan programs aimed at helping the client reach his/her goals without significant sacrifice.

Scott is very active on social media, including Instagram and Facebook, where he shares useful content almost daily.  During the Coronavirus lockdown, Scott’s clients are finding his virtual workouts to be seamless and extremely helpful, as they are kept on track while they are safe at home.

Scott was the Section I NYS Public High School champion in 2012.  Scott was an All-American Collegiate Golfer at Farmingdale State College (2016) and participated in the NCAA National Championship 3 consecutive years.  For more information about Sessions Be-Fit, visit his website, call 914-703-1758, or email

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