Advanced Septic Systems Are A Valid Sewer Alternative in Somers

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If someone thinks their position is right and good, they ought to be able to defend it with nothing but the truth. It saddens me to have to respond to so many misrepresentations regarding these systems that Ms. Anderson referred to in her article letter last week (“Advanced Septic Systems Are Not a Solution for Shenorock, Lincolndale).

We don’t claim the new systems are just as effective. I claim that they are kinder to our environment, than the Peekskill system is to our river.

Advanced systems are allowed anywhere any system is failing. If our communities need sewers, that means we have failing systems! In that case, these advanced systems can be used. The county DOESN”T prohibit these systems; they do exist in Shenorock and Bedford. The $10 million in East of Hudson funds would pay for these failing systems at no cost to the resident, with money left over to actually dredge and aerate the lake. 

These systems range from $5,000 to $22,000. The maintenance fee is $375 a year; pumps last for seven to 10 years. These systems run on about two amps, which is equivalent to two 100-watt light bulbs. This is cheaper than $1,187 annually for sewers.  

These systems don’t require special additives or detergents. 

Ms. Anderson’s biggest misunderstanding is that the $10 million can only be used for sewers. Fact is, the East of Hudson Water Quality Fund Memorandum of Agreement states in item #3 that “rehabilitation or replacement of septic system that are failing or likely to fail in certain areas.”

Sending our problem to the Hudson River, instead of dealing with it ourselves with these new systems, is just wrong.

Finally, my primary reason for not wanting sewers is financial because we are at the mercy of powers beyond our reach, and I don’t believe in this economy we’ll receive any funding. If we don’t and the Town Board borrows $50.7 million to complete this project, our yearly cost can be as much as $2,700.

 Jay Batchelor

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