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Adam Bradley Exonerated

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Adam BradleyIt took three years, an appeal, a retrial and a jury, but in the end former White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley was able to leave the Westchester County Court House on Friday, June 21, with his name cleared of domestic abuse charges.

A relieved Bradley left the courthouse happy that justice had finally been served.

The charges of domestic abuse came shortly after Bradley was elected mayor of White Plains when his now estranged wife, Fumiko Bradley, told police he had slammed her hand in a door. Further claims that he had deliberately thrown a cup of hot tea at her and tried to intimidate her followed.

The case was closely pursued by local media, politicians and members of the democratic party, some being members of the National Organization for Women (NOW) who almost immediately began to rouse public opinion against Bradley to force him to resign his position as mayor, which he ultimately did.

During the initial trial Judge Susan M. Capeci disallowed testimony from certain witnesses for the defense. After conviction, during the appeal process an Appellate Court in Brooklyn overturned the judge’s conviction, saying the witnesses testimony should have been allowed.

Bradley was retried, this time with a jury. It was the testimony of those witnesses who could not speak the first time that turned the case when on the stand a friend and neighbor of Fumiko Bradley said the mayor’s former wife had admitted to her that the door slamming might have been an accident and that she had lied to police.

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