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Abinanti Has Been Invaluable to Those With Developmental Disabilities

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Assemblyman Tom Abinanti, who is the chair of the Assembly Standing Committee on Disabilities, is being challenged in the 92nd Assembly District by MaryJane Shimsky. The early voting for the Democratic primary voting has begun and ends on June 26.

Last night, members of the New York Alliance for Developmental Disabilities (NYADD) Regional Leads team met with Shimsky to discuss the pressing disabilities issues that are important to our 10,000-plus members. While Ms. Shimsky is experienced in local government, she faces a steep learning curve in the I/DD space where her opponent has an affected child, a long history of direct involvement in and leadership on the issues and challenges facing the I/DD community and a long list of accomplishments, especially as chair of the Assembly Standing Committee on Disabilities. Since time is of the essence in rebuilding and stabilizing the workforce and restoring programs and services, we just cannot afford to have a change of leadership and to begin a new engagement process.

OPWDD is currently developing the 5.07 Plan, assessing both the CCO system and address SelfDirection waiver inequities. They also must determine by the end of the year whether managed care is a viable option for the I/DD service delivery system. We are at a critical crossroads and still facing significant workforce shortages and program closures due to the pandemic. This is not the time to lose a passionate champion for our family members in Albany.

As the parent of an adult son with autism, Assemblyman Abinanti has been a fierce ally of the disabilities community for over 10 years. When the Developmental Disabilities Committee was created two years ago, Tom stepped down from his powerful position as chair of the Banking Committee to take the lead on this new effort and has overwhelmingly received the support of his legislative colleagues on the I/DD Committee during this campaign.

The NYADD Leads strongly support and endorse Assemblyman Tom Abinanti in the 92nd District and urge our Westchester County residents in his district to vote for him.

The New York Alliance for Developmental Disabilities


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