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Abbeauté Studio, Peekskill

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Poughkeepsie resident Abigail Ottley-Cumberbatch is the owner of Abbeauté Studio in Peekskill.
Photo credit: Neal Rentz

Poughkeepsie resident Abigail Ottley-Cumberbatch started out her career in make-up but changed her work to help people with their skin by opening Abbeauté Studio a year ago.

The esthetician moved her business to Stowe Road about a month ago from Main Street to obtain more space for her studio.

A wide variety of skin care services are offered at Abbeauté Studio, Ottley-Cumberbatch said last week.  Some of the services include corrective skin care, acne treatments, relaxation facials and chemical peels. Though most of her clients are women, her business also works with men, she said, adding most of her customers are between the ages of 25 and 45. “All are welcome,” she added.

Though some customers come to relax, Ottley-Cumberbatch said most of her clients come to her business to “correct their skin,” Some of the skin treatments offered by Abbeauté Studio include a deep cleaning and extractions for those with acne. “We put the clients on a daily home care regimen,” she said.

Ottley-Cumberbatch recalled how she became interested in changing her work from providing make-up services.

“I found that my clients were very interested in their skin. They used to ask me a lot of questions about skin problems and skin health,” she said. “I was able to answer certain questions intelligently but other stuff I would have to research for them. So, it got to a point where I was real intrigued and wanted to learn the skin better so I could answer clients’ questions better than before.”

Ottley-Cumberbatch attended aesthetics school. “It turned out that I have an absolute love for skin,” she said.  Though some make-up services are offered at the business, skin care is its major focus, she said.

“Just being able to help women who have skin issues or who are just not confident anymore with themselves and their skin” is gratifying, Ottley-Cumberbatch said. The goal is to get skin back to its healthy state, she said. “You see the light in their eyes. They’re happy,” following skin care treatments she has performed, Ottley-Cumberbatch said.

“Skin is very important,” Ottley-Cumberbatch said. “After all, it’s our largest organ.” Skin cancer is a major health problem in America, she added.

Among the goals for her business are to keep learning new information about the skin. “Things are always changing” in the medical world, she said.

Ottley-Cumberbatch also wants to eventually turn her business to turn it into a medical spa, which would allow additional services to be provided including injections of such skin aids as Botox. She also is seeking to hire a message therapist and other staff.

Ottley-Cumberbatch thanked those who have assisted her in creating the business at its new location including her husband, Rohan, who found the new location and “brought this space to life,” She also thanked her daughter, Ariella, and others, including her clients, for their support

Abbeauté Studio & Spa is located at 2 Stowe Rd. in Peekskill in the Highland Professional Building in The Highlands. For more information, call 914 525-2934 or visit The business is also on Facebook and Instagram.


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