Examiner Media was started in 2007 by local journalist Adam Stone. The company had no outside investors or loans. Initial expenses were paid for by advertising revenue generated in advance of the debut edition. Examiner Media continues to be funded mostly from advertising revenue. A nominal amount of annual revenue comes from a small subscription program as well as from selling photography to readers. In 2020, Examiner Media did receive COVID-19-related grants from Facebook and Google, secured a PPP loan, and also raised money from reader donations through a temporary COVID-19 Local News Fund. In 2021, the company launched a digital subscription newsmagazine publication on the Substack platform, adding a new revenue stream.

Although the ads published by Examiner Media do not always necessarily reflect our company’s viewpoints, we will refuse ads that contain lies such as advertising from Holocaust deniers. Any legitimate local business, not-for-profit, house of worship, individual resident or grassroots group can advertise with us, subject to our rules. Political advertising will be labeled as such and will disclose the public committee or candidate paying for the advertising.

Our independent journalism is produced without consideration of business interests. All editorial decisions are made by our senior staff of journalists and experienced news editors with no outside influence. Learn more about how we uphold journalistic values and integrity in our full Examiner Media Ethics Code:


Please visit our Examiner Media Best Practices for more information on our journalistic practices and policies.


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