• Our journalists fact-check to independently verify all information before publication.
  • We should not publish rumors or other information we have not verified.
  • Reporters should fact-check their own work before submitting to an editor but should not preview any of the actual text of a story with sources.
  • Our staff members should take all possible reporting steps to ensure the accuracy of information that we publish and note our sources. We should not publish information we haven’t verified. If there’s room for debate, we should cite our sources, word stories carefully to avoid spreading false rumors, acknowledge the debate and ask the community’s help in confirming or clarifying information.
  • We use multiple sources to verify information in order to help ensure accuracy. We meet with sources in person and speak with them over the phone as often as possible. If a source makes a controversial charge, we aim to verify the information through documents or other independent research. Sources need to provide us with their first and last names and titles; we rarely use anonymous sources. We only use anonymous sources if doing so is the only way to tell an incredibly important story of great public interest.
  • In regards to comments from readers on our social media accounts, if we deem any posts as hate speech or inciting violence, or if we determine a comment is posted from a fake account, we will remove the content and ban the user. Also, we fact-check comments from users to verify accuracy. If assertions are missing important context, we will provide that context for our readers. 

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