Supplement Your New Year Diet Goal with Ideal Weight Management

Dr. Andrew Millar

Dr. Andrew Millar

In December 2012 Dr. Andrew Millar, a chiropractor with a clinical nutrition background, opened an office in Cortlandt focusing on a new weight loss program called Ideal Weight Management. The centerpiece of the program is a line of high protein food products from Ideal Protein geared toward rapid weight loss.

With January being the traditional weight loss resolution month of the year, Dr. Millar was eager to talk about the program to encourage people to try it out while their will is strong. He is convinced once they start the program they will achieve success.

Viewing obesity as having reached epidemic status in the United States, Dr. Millar says being overweight is at the root of many health problems. “We are bigger and heavier than we used to be,” he said, and with all the food we have to eat we are not healthier.

Dr. Millar claims Americans consider a normal weight to be about 20 pounds over what it should be. “We have become so used to being heavier that when we see someone at a normal weight we think they are not well,” he said.

With a focus on eating out, people have become distanced from the preparation of the food they eat, resulting in the intake of large amounts of sugar, salt and fats. “Not only do we not know what it is we are eating, we are not personally involved in what we eat,” Millar explained, adding that most people are not aware they should eat four cup-sized servings of vegetables every day.

For the most part we know that reducing caloric intake while increasing activity is a way to reduce weight. We might even be aware that carbohydrates give our bodies instant energy. What we don’t commonly know is that highly refined foods made with sugar and flour are full of carbohydrates that go right to our blood stream causing our body chemistry to convert them to fat.

This causes an imbalance in the system that just piles on the fat.

What we need to do is reverse that biochemistry trend by creating a temporary imbalance in the opposite direction, where the body uses the fat already stored for energy, Millar explained.

That’s where Ideal Protein comes in. By restricting carbohydrate intake and providing a high source of protein with supplements to maintain and build muscle mass, the body is forced to go to the fat stores for energy. As long as sugar is being consumed, the body will not lose fat, Millar claims.

Because everyone has a different muscle to fat ratio, the combination of foods and the diet process must be customized to each person.

“We begin with a weigh-in and a body composition analysis,” Millar says. “From that information we create a diet specific to each client.” This is monitored on a weekly basis. The food and protein supplements are changed as the body moves from primary weight loss to reaching goal weight and then reintroduction to a daily healthy eating style.

One of the many benefits of the program, according to Millar, is an increase in energy accompanied by a reduction in cravings.

Millar explained that this weight loss process is gaining momentum but there are only four centers in Westchester County where the program is administered. He is excited to be one of the first to introduce the program to the area.

More information about Dr. Millar and the Ideal Weight Management program can be found at The new weight loss center is located at 3901 Crompond Road, Cortland Manor; 914-819-8573.