Business Profile: Aunt B’s Yogurt Bar, Pleasantville

At Aunt B's there are 24 different flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from.

At Aunt B's Yogurt Bar there are 24 different flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from.

Pleasantville is turning into Yogurtville.

Aunt B’s Yogurt Bar on Manville Road, across from the Jacob Burns Film Center had its official grand opening on Saturday. The self-service yogurt bar has already been open for several weeks.

“We really like Pleasantville,” owner Bobbie Loeb said. “We thought it was a great location, being across from the Jacob Burns. But we found the spot available and went forward with it.”

Loeb also opened up an Aunt B’s location in Somers earlier this year.

Aunt B’s is actually the second yogurt store to open in Pleasantville this year, following Yogoliscious, which opened on Marble Avenue.

Aunt B’s claim to fame is that it has 24 flavors and over 74 toppings, the most in Westchester. A self-service yogurt bar means that patrons take a carton and fill it with as many flavors and toppings as they want, and have it weighed at the front.

“We try to change our flavors every month,” Loeb said. “I have a great staff that is very friendly and outgoing.”

Aside from yogurt, Aunt B’s also has a cappuccino machine and sells chocolate covered pretzels. To add to the ambience, a magician is there every Tuesday.

Aunt B’s is family-owned and operated. Loeb and her husband run the shops and her brother helps manage the Pleasantville location.

“We’re very hands on and we’re always having fun,” Loeb said. “We have a wide range of clientele from three to 103.”

Having worked as a makeup artist in Bloomingdales, Loeb realized that she wanted to do something different. Initially looking to start a coffee shop, she felt that the market was flooded and felt yogurt would be the perfect fit.

“I love yogurt,” Loeb said. “And I found that you don’t need to do a franchise. There weren’t that many when I opened my Somers location.”

Loeb said she feels that both yogurt stores can co-exist in Pleasantville, noting that the village has four pizzerias.

“Hopefully there is enough business for everyone,” Loeb said. “They have their clientele and we have ours.”

Being across from the Burns gives Aunt B’s a leg-up as Loeb has found that after seeing a movie many moviegoers stroll in for a treat. Aunt B’s offers a ten-percent discount for Burns members.

In terms of flavors, Aunt B’s big sellers are the traditional chocolate and vanilla, while cake batter and coconut crème pie also do well. Loeb said her husband’s favorite flavor is peanut butter, while she loves the tart and peach mango tart.

“I love that peach mango tart,” Loeb said.

There is more information about both Aunt B’s locations at