Ball Won’t Run for Putnam County Exec

After weeks of growing speculation, State Sen. Greg Ball said in an interview he won’t run for Putnam County Executive yesterday.

In a shocking turn of events, Ball, a Republican, has decided not to run for Putnam’s highest office, which would have forced a primary with incumbent and Republican MaryEllen Odell. Though Ball said he’s been considering running for that post, at this time he said it’s not the “right fit in my life.”

“This is something I’ve been looking at for awhile,” Ball admitted.

It is unclear what Ball’s political future is now and won’t be clear until he announces his intentions at a press conference Friday in Mount Pleasant. A time and specific location has yet to be determined.

Ball said he wants to make sure Republicans continue to control the 40th district seat and that would factor into his decision. He added this non-presentational year would be a good year for Republicans running.

A poll that Ball had conducted last August showed he would be able to top Odell in a primary election. He even pointed to the polling done when asked how confident he was running against Odell.

When reached late Tuesday night, Odell said she doesn’t believe the county needs a “chaotic” primary that would divide Republicans and Putnam overall. She added she’s confident she would have beaten him in a primary.

“I’m definitely looking forward to being the county executive of the county that I grew up in, and raised my family in for the next few years,” Odell said.

No other Republicans have come forward for a possible run at county executive. As it stands now, Sam Oliverio, a Democrat and legislator is the only other announced candidate.