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Putnam County Lacks the Professionalism Maureen Fleming Would Bring

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The Putnam County Legislature desperately needs the knowledge and skills Maureen Fleming can bring to the management of Putnam County. Fleming is running for District 5, which spans voting districts in Kent and Carmel.

During her eight years as Kent supervisor, Fleming achieved wide-ranging improvements with no tax increases through her sound fiscal capabilities. In contrast, most of the current legislators spend lavishly on higher salaries for themselves and top county executives as well as well as keeping the funding of facilities such as the Putnam County Golf Course and Tilly Foster Farm secret from the public.

As town supervisor, Fleming opened the door to local citizens. Meetings were televised and locals were welcome to speak on both agenda items and any subject that concerned them. Putnam County Legislative meetings are only shared through audio recordings that are often inaudible and Putnam’s citizens are frequently prevented from speaking.

Fleming will also bring a professionalism to the legislature that is often sorely lacking. As an experienced lawyer, she will bring clarity and knowledge to legal procedures. And she will make professional demeanor and respectful behavior a norm, in contrast to the current rudeness to citizens, elected officials and county employees that has become too common.

Currently, there is only one Democrat on the Putnam County Legislature, Nancy Montgomery. The Republicans have made it nearly impossible for her to represent her constituents by withholding information and refusing to second any items for discussion that she proposes. A second Democrat on the Legislature will lead to a more open and balanced county government.

Most importantly, Fleming views herself as a servant of the people, in contrast to Republicans on the legislature who too often act in their own or their party’s interests.

I urge all those who seek a better managed, more fiscally responsible and more transparent Putnam County government to vote for Maureen Fleming for Putnam County Legislature in District 5 on or before Nov. 8.

Marsha Waldman


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