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Physical Fitness Trainer Gabriela DeSilva, Peekskill

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Physical fitness trainer Gabriela DeSilva of Peekskill posing at Dana’s Efficiency Training Gym in Cortlandt.
Photo credit: Neal Rentz

Physical fitness is a dominant part of both the professional and personal life of Peekskill resident Gabriela DeSilva.

DeSilva is a physical fitness trainer and a body building competitor. She trains her clients at Dana’s Efficiency Training Gym in Cortlandt, as well as offering in-home training through her company, G-Phit Fitness Training.

DeSilva began her career as a trainer in 2007. She was influenced to enter the profession by her boyfriend, Brian Dreeland of Fishkill, who was a body builder and coach. “I kind of ran with it and just made a career out of it and really enjoy it,” DeSilva said last week.

DeSilva said she enjoys being a body building competitor, which includes posing and weight lifting, as a hobby. “I love meeting new people from all over the place,” she said. “I like being out on stage. I like the costumes. I just like everything about it.”

She has won competitions and was featured in Natural Body Building and Fitness magazine and The Poughkeepsie Journal. DeSilva said she has limited her travel to competitions to the local area because she has a three-year-old child, Sophia.  “I train all the time,” she said, adding she has taken part in one competition per year.

DeSilva said she has trained individuals from the age of 13 to people in their 80’s. Her training is both for body building competitors and non-competitors who just want to be healthy and fit, DeSilva said. A major component of her work is providing dietary guidance for her clients, DeSilva noted.

Much of her training programs stress weight lifting, DeSilva said. “Weight lifting is just the way to go,” she said. “You burn more calories. It boosts up your metabolism a lot faster than anything else does. Of course, you have to combine strength training and aerobic training and cardiovascular stuff; a little bit of everything.”

Dana’s Gym offers several pieces of weight lifting apparatus including flat benches, incline benches for chest work, and leg equipment, such as a hamstring curl machine, DeSilva said, adding free weights are also available at the gym.

DeSilva also trains at people’s homes. “They get a new perspective on how to live a healthier life,” DeSilva said, emphasizing people of all ages can learn to become weight lifters. “It’s the best thing for your body,” she said.

Gabriela DeSilva can be contacted by calling 914-382-1406 or sending an e-mail to Dana’s Efficiency Training Gym is located at 2141 Crompond Rd., Cortlandt. To contact the gym, call 914-290-1521.


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