Blotter, June 30 – July 6 Print Edition

North Castle Police Department

June 19: A caller reported an erratic driver swerving from lane to lane and crossing the double yellow line into oncoming traffic on Route 22 at 5:47 p.m. The caller then stated that the vehicle crashed into the woods. The desk officer notified 60 Control who dispatched the Armonk Fire Department and Armonk EMS. The party was transported to Westchester Medical Center. Armonk Garage secured the vehicle.

June 20: A Brookwood Road resident reported at 12:48 p.m. that an LGBT sign that was posted in her yard earlier today was damaged. She stated that sometime in the late morning she observed a group of bicyclists stop in front of her residence. An older white male in his seventies got off his bike and come onto her property. He then tore a rainbow LGBT flag from its post and threw it in the street. She also observed him knock down a Black Lives Matter sign.

June 24: A Roberta Place resident reported at 10:24 a.m. that her husband was outside on the porch when the glass he was drinking out of exploded in his hand. No one was injured but the caller believes that someone shot the glass out of her husband’s hand. The responding officer stated that it appeared the glass may have expanded and broke on its own due to the outside temperature.

White Plains Police Department

June 27: A vehicle was stolen from a residential driveway and was recovered on June 28, one block away with only an E-Z Pass missing. The vehicle had been parked in the driveway with its keys still inside.

June 28: Police are investigating a burglary of a first-story apartment midday Sunday. The apartment resident left a ladder outside and came home to find the suspect climbing down from the window on the ladder.


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